SEAN HANNITY: Biden was trying to sweep the spy balloon under the rug

Fox News host Sean Hannity said China was testing President Biden and his administration’s response after it flew a spy balloon over the U.S. on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: China’s incursion over America’s heartland is over for now, but not before a massive spy balloon from our number one geopolitical foe was allowed to float slowly all over North America now for eight long days. But for some reason, at this hour, no tough words for communist China coming from the Biden White House, just petty finger-pointing aimed at critics as Biden’s cowardly, feckless response to this crisis continues to unfold in real-time. How dangerous is this for our national security? We’ll have a deep dive into that. Now, let us be clear. This balloon wasn’t out for a joyride. China was collecting intelligence and absolutely testing your president and the U.S.’s response. 

Now, day after day went by and any attempt to assure any of us that they didn’t collect intel, frankly, is not credible to me. And is it not possible they had technology that maybe we don’t know about? ‘Oh, we stop them from collecting intelligence?’ Do you know that for sure? I don’t think anybody can answer that question honestly tonight. But America needs answers. It’s about our national security. Why did Joe Biden fail to respond when he became aware of this incident? First, on Saturday, January 28th. The spy balloon flew over Alaska. Joe Biden did nothing. Two days later, on Monday, January 30th, it was flying over Canada. Joe Biden continued to do nothing. By Tuesday of last week. China’s eye in the sky will have crossed into US airspace. 


Now for the second time, into northern Idaho. And again, nothing from your president. On Wednesday, February 1st, it was in Montana, hovering over our most sensitive military sites, including America’s nuclear missile silos at Malmstrom Air Force Base. At one point, the Billings Airport had to be shut down because of the balloon overhead. And still, by Thursday, the Biden administration had done absolutely nothing. Now they claim they knew when the balloon was in Alaska, but the White House, they didn’t inform we, the American people, about this incursion or, more importantly, even alert state governors or members of Congress until a photographer finally captured the balloon with his camera and then reported that to local media. 

And it appears that the plan from the White House was to kind of hide this extremely dangerous and serious incident, allow China to spy at their leisure and then sweep it under the rug so as not to upset the CCP before Secretary Blinken’s upcoming trip to Beijing. But once the American people looked up in the sky and discovered the truth, well then Biden and his White House, they were forced to change course. Blinken’s trip was postponed. 

Not that it would have produced much anyway. The White House was finally forced to acknowledge the aircraft, but they claimed it was unable to shoot the balloon down because of the risks that were posed by potential falling debris. 

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