Sanofi SA (ADR) (NYSE:SNY) Adds Gene Therapy Project And $300 Million To Selecta Deal

Sanofi SA (ADR) (NYSE:SNY) has added $300 million to its collaboration with Selecta Biosciences to develop a vaccination for the treatment of celiac disease and achieve other research innovations. The company is also mulling to join hands with Genethon to making the treatments safe across diverse categories if the need arises. Selecta has also entered a joint venture with Genethon for development and research of drugs related to gene therapy. The original deal with Selecta was signed to conduct clinical trials to develop drugs for treating food allergies and type 1 diabetes. The immunotherapies vaccine particles that have been created by Selecta can help ward off the negative impact of diseases on the immune system, and Sanofi is looking forward to exploring the area.

The deal licenses Sanofi as the exclusive developer of celiac disease treatment drugs. The drug will help the immune system fight against the foods that contain gluten that are the leading cause of abdominal pain and even the intestinal cancer.

Research on Reverse Outcome of Vaccine

Talking about the so-called negative vaccines that the company is planning to develop, CEO, Werner Cautreels, said that the company was working to analyze the differing outcome of a vaccine. Having pushed the food allergies project for later, Sanofi is more eager on the current one. The company has plans for launching the initial public offering if all goes as planned and the project garners success.

Promising Partnership

As part of the deal, Sanofi SA (ADR) (NYSE:SNY) and Selecta are working on the SVP tech of the latter with a gene therapy and are looking to sharing the revenues in their success. The deal does not restrict Selecta to work only with Sanofi, and the company can also work in the gene therapy with other bioscience companies. So far, the relationship between the two companies has been great, and the road seems better ahead.

Sanofi’s Biotherapeutics Research & Development Head Kurt Stoeckli said that the gene therapy field was an ever evolving field. He said that achieving new milestones and providing better treatments is something that the partnership was all about, and they were looking forward to the results.

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