, inc. (NYSE: CRM) New Launch to Focus on Original Content, inc. (NYSE: CRM), an enterprise software company said to launch a streaming service, Salesforce+, which would feature the original content. The content would be focused on businesses and professionals. The company further stated that the new streaming service is likely to come on stream at the company’s Dreamforce event in September.

The new service is likely to debut in September

Salesforce is launching a streaming service, Salesforce+, which will focus on the original content for businesses and professionals. The New launch is expected to be debut at the forthcoming company Dreamforce event in September. The service has been developed and produced by the company’s in-house studio.

The Salesforce+ services that are focused towards business and professional media platform. The new service is unlike streaming options offered by other streaming services providers like Walt Disney Co and Netflix. The company’s streaming service would include live experiences, podcasts, and original series.

As per the company, its slate of content would include “Connections,” which features marketers from companies like IBM, GoFundMe, and Levi’s. In addition, “The Inflection Point” would features (CEO) Chief Executive Officers from the brands of Coca-Cola, PayPal, and Ford Motor.

Live streaming is good for business

As per the industry, live streaming doesn’t need to relate to one’s business model directly. But it is required to be something interesting to target the right customer. By live streaming, business professionals can make their business more credible. In addition, it also helps to form connections directly with the customers. Live streaming has grown so fast in the past several years that almost more than 47% of global viewers are streaming more live streams every year. 

Moreover, the importance of streaming services has doubled in the pandemic, where businesses are shutting down globally, and professionals are looking for alternate solutions to drive their business and vision. The company believes that the importance of live streaming continues to expand as a trending technology for businesses and professionals. It also opens up a new arena for various brands connection with the customer and collects feedback. In the current pandemic times, streaming opportunities better reach and engage with their target customers irrespective of their sizes.

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