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Ruckus Wireless Inc (NYSE:RKUS) To Offer High Speed Wi-Fi For Lincoln

Boston, MA 05/27/2014 (wallstreetpr) – Ruckus Wireless Inc (NYSE:RKUS) is a global supplier of wireless systems base in Sunnyvale, CA. The company offers smart wireless system in order to expand the mobile internet infrastructure market rapidly. Ruckus on May 22, 2014 along with the City of Lincoln, Nebraska announced to deliver the first ‘cloud based municipal outdoor public Wi-Fi’ facility.


The collaborative approach of the Ruckus and City of Lincoln has indicated to deliver the first ‘cloud based municipal outdoor public Wi-Fi’ service. Ruckus SAMs or Ruckus Smart Access Management service has been used for facilitating the facility. The Wi-Fi access, ‘Lincoln_Free_WIiFi_’ has already been launched last week and is the first step taken towards the city’s plan in order to provide free as well as pervasive public Wi-Fi.

Hassle free Wi-Fi:

The innovative project is an integral part of the city municipality to support the localities and visitors with free high speed Wi-Fi access. The project will first cover up the Railyard and Lincoln’s Haymarket areas. The free high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity through clouds will lessen the hassles and provide extraordinary service.

The Mayor stated:

The Mayor of Lincoln, NE, Chris Beutler commented that it’s a long term aim of the municipality to make Lincoln the nation’s most connected city. The access of Wi-Fi in the public place will augment the business, lifestyle and excite the tourists. The Mayor added that this project will lead the foundation of wireless connectivity to a better platform in the future.

The smart Wi-Fi by Ruckus will ensure well connectivity without any disturbance. The city officials said that after extensive testing, Ruckus smart Wi-Fi technology was adopted for outdoor.

SmartCell Gateway, flexible cloud based service:

Couple of days before on May 20, 2014 stated about the industry’s first ever ‘carrier-class virtualized wireless LAN controller.’ The virtual SmartCell Gateway of Ruckus was designed in order to streamline the flexible and highly scalable cloud based wireless LAN connection.

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