Ross LaJeunesse, Former Executive Of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google, Criticizes Google For Working In China And Focusing Only On Profits

In an essay published on Thursday, Ross LaJeunesse, Former Executive of Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google, criticized the tech giant for ignoring human rights and only focusing on making profits. He earlier held the position of Head (international relations) at Google. Ross is a democratic candidate in the US for Maine. According to China and Saudi Arabia are committing human rights violations. Google is ignoring human rights, and its executives are working in those nations.

Google pushed out Ross in April 2019

Ross worked for eleven years at Google. The company pushed him out in April 2019, ignoring his valuable contributions. According to an interview with the Washington Post, Google has changed a lot, but he did not change. He has left because the tech giant entered the market in China in 2006. Google decided not to cooperate with the Chinese Government and leave the nation in 2010.

In 2017, Ross found that Google worked on several projects that comprise a Dragonfly for China. It also secretly developed a search product for that nation. The company also signed lucrative deals with Saudi Arabia, and its Cloud executives are already working on those projects.

Establishes Google Center for AI in Beijing

According to Ross, the tech giant has established Google Center for AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Beijing by the end of 2017. Ross tried to form a human rights program at Google after knowing about troubling projects, but his colleagues brainstormed him to stop the proposal. Ross has been sidelined from that moment and not involved further conversations regarding the Dragonfly project. According to his realization, Google does not want to include human rights principles in its product and business decisions. When it is time to focus on human rights, Google concentrated on improving profits.

According to a communiqué from Google to Fox Business, the company is committed to human rights unwaveringly. The company offered a new position to Ross at the same level and the same package; he did not accept. Ross bats for government oversight on large tech companies and end the freedom.

Orders a probe into sexual misconduct

Chief Legal Officer of Alphabet, David Drummond, has offloaded shares worth $77 million. He is now a controversial figure after news broke out that he established inappropriate relationships with employees. The company is investigating sexual misconduct.

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