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Rita Farias Gets Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) ‘Legendary Woman’ Award

Rita Farias, Executive Director, ALCREJ has grabbed the Ford Motor Company (NYSE:F) ‘Legendary Woman’ Award. As per the reports, the news was made public by The American Latino Center for Research, Education & Justice.

Insights On The Matter:

According to ALCREK, Farias has been awarded ‘Mujeres Legendarias’ award for performing brilliantly as a Latina leader. She has been taking part in various initiatives for many years with an objective to improve the lives of children in the country. Her latest assignment ‘Rico y Sano’ focused on ensuring good and healthy lifestyle for families and children.

In 2014, she took charge of the program and reached more than 1,800 families to provide them different workshops about eating healthy food in budget expenditure. Apart from it, her workshops also focused on different subjects like tours to local grocery stores, offering cooking classes, etc. Most of those families couldn’t afford to spend money on food; hence, she tried to educate them on different ways to buy or make food for four people in less than $5.

While talking to reporters, Farias stated that it was a wonderful experience for her as everyone wanted to learn things with full enthusiasm. All those people were so inclined towards enjoying a healthy food in a limited budget that they tried to learn every way possible to prepare good quality food in limited money. She further added that this experience was far from ordinary. When someone is given an opportunity like this to put a positive impact on these many families together, it becomes the best experience of his/her life.

Ford Motor’s prestigious Mujeres Legendarias Award was handed over to her in a public event that took place at the Westin Hotel in Memorial City a few days back. There were total 20 women who were selected for this award from all over the nation, four of them including Farias were from Houston.

Published by Fiona Gibson

Fiona is a finance graduate and an expert in analyzing market trends.

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