Boston, MA 01/13/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSEMKT:RNN) is a bio-pharma company engaged in developing, testing and commercializing treatment for cancer and other diseases. The small cap company hit the limelight when it announced that it would be commencing another phase of clinical trials.

Rexahn’s Focus

Rexahn had a number of products in pipeline, it decided two years back that it would go ahead with only cancer treatment and dump the rest of the pipeline drugs. One of the treatment under development is a oral drug that can replace Eli Lilly’s Gemzar for treatment of solid tumors. Gemzar had two disadvantages, one that it was an injectable – requiring some one qualified to administer it and the second and most important one – it lead to resistance 25% of the time. Many companies including Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSEMKT:RNN) are in the race to develop cancer treatments that can be orally administered.

Rexahn has other drugs in the pipeline; many of them have shown promising results. Besides, it also has $14.9 million in cash as well as $5.3 million in recent funding, sufficient to carry it over two years. This sets it apart from the many bio-pharma companies. Many of them rely on a single product and also do not have sufficient bank balance to carry them, if the drug fails in clinical trial, till a new molecule can be discovered.

The Second Stage Trials:

Rexahn Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSEMKT:RNN) is moving towards Phase II clinical trails for one of its drugs codenamed RX-3117. This will be done at multiple sites and cover 30 patients. The trial’s duration will be for a month. The dosages will be varied to determine the right amount of the drug that is required to produce optimal anti-tumor effects.

Considering the size of the anti-cancer therapy, success in one line of treatment would do wonders for this small cap company. The potential is huge as the market for anti-cancer treatment is expected to touch $20 billion by 2018. Analysts also appear to be warming up to the company.