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Remedy Resumes Publishing Rights to Alan Wake from Microsoft

In 2010, Remedy created Alan Wake, an award-winning video game which was published by Microsoft. The game first appeared on Xbox 360 but later adapted for PC by Remedy. In a statement to investors, Remedy announced on Monday July 1 2019 that it has acquired the publishing rights to the game from Microsoft.

Alan Wake could be available on different platforms

After publishing nine years ago, this blockbuster game was almost exclusively available to Xbox users. Although Remedy self-published a PC version of the game, its development remained constrained by the fact that MSFT owned the publishing rights.

In a statement to GameSpot, Remedy reiterated that the ownership of the publishing rights to the series will allow them to avail it to various platforms.

“The only thing we want to clarify, now that Remedy owns the publishing rights, is that we could bring Alan Wake to different platforms if we so choose,” the statement read.

The acquisition of the rights also implies that Remedy will take control of American Nightmare, a spinoff of Alan Wake, also published by Microsoft. However, Remedy did not hint at any chance for a sequel in the foreseeable future. This is despite the company having severally toyed with the idea for an Alan Wake 2 in the past.

New projects in the pipeline

While at that, Remedy still has plans to launch a live-action television adaptation of Alan Wake. The project kicked off in late 2018 and, according to the developers, the TV adaptation will not be a “beat-for-beat” relaying of the game. This is to say that the plot might be richer in some areas while completely redone in other sections.

The developers had promised to pitch the TV show by October last year such that it would be in full swing by this time of the year. While much is still unknown about the adaptation, it is reassuring enough that plans are still underway.

Remedy is reportedly working on another project which should go live on August 27 on major platforms like Xbox One and PS4. Dubbed Control, GameSpot thinks this is the next big thing after Alan Wake.

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