Reliv International, Inc (NASDAQ:RELV) reported that CardioSentials® heart health supplement has obtained a U.S. patent. The company first shared the success with the firm’s distributors through a podcast showcasing Dr. Carl Hastings, the Chief Scientific Officer and also the product’s creator.

The details

CardioSentials’ patented formula comprises ingredients demonstrated to support cardiovascular health, comprising phytosterols 1.5 grams, as per the American Heart Association’s reference of 1 gram to 2 grams daily to lessen heart disease peril. Additional ingredients comprise policosanol, demonstrated to support healthy coronary blood flow and cholesterol levels; CoQ10, an antioxidant made naturally by the human body; and OptiBerry®, a patented mixture of berry extracts revealed to relax arterial walls and improve circulation.

CardioSentials are shown to be effective in reducing risk elements for cardiovascular disease. The placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study assessed individuals taking statin drugs and subjects not on statins. Participants taking CardioSentials considerably reduced total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, and increased HDL cholesterol and reduced blood glucose levels.

CardioSentials is a powerful inclusion to any heart health plan. The formula gets together an exceptionally effective mixture of ingredients to offer real, measurable results. Now Reliv International have both a clinical trial and a patent to prove it.

CardioSentials turns to be the sixth patented company nutritional formula, connecting Arthaffect® for joint health, ProVantage® for athletic performance, GlucAffect® for blood sugar administration, ReversAge® for anti-aging nourishment and 24K® for focus and energy. Four other Reliv offerings have also received patents, however these patents thereafter have expired. Other products are Cellebrate® for weight loss, Innergize! ® for performance nutrition, Reliv Classic® for daily nutrition and FibRestore® for digestive health.

Additionally, Reliv, via its subsidiary firm SL Technology, Inc., holds numerous patents linked to lunasin. CardioSentials becomes the ninth offering patent Dr. Carl has obtained during his career at Reliv.

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