Quantum Corp (NYSE:QTM) has come forward to make the announcement regarding its release of the award-winning StorNext® file system. The system will be adding the newest data management features to the industry’s top streaming performance of the provider’s scale-out tiered storage solutions portfolio, which as a matter of fact comprises of a flash, tape, disk as well as the private and public cloud storage offerings.

Putting into close consideration the top end combination of management and performance , the company is depicted to as extending the power of StorNext in not only media and entertainment but as well as in another wide range of data-intensive environments such as genomics, video surveillance, academic research, gas and oil, and government security above all.

A close outlook indicates that indeed StorNext 6 does quite a remarkable job towards addressing the needs of all those enterprise that have over a long period of time been struggling with using their existing NAS solutions in the storage of the large, rapidly growing data sets and that hope to accelerate the business value from the available data.

Top business analysts have revealed that reality is dawning to most of such enterprises with a great number at the moment seeing the great need to actually abandon the mechanisms they had been using in the past. As a matter of fact, NAS seems rather too difficult to upgrade, not forgetting the fact that it at the same time fails at delivering sufficient performance.

In other words, it is not best suited to actually handle the huge array of the parallel workloads. Asides from StorNext 6’s great capacity to actually overcome the above stipulated limitations, it is also able to deliver more efficient as well as cost-effective mechanisms to share and access files across geographically distributed teams.

 It thus becomes pretty easy to actually manage and protect the archived data as well as make proper audits of data within its lifecycle. The wide range of benefits that come with any enterprise choosing to take up the services by Quantum are immense and move a long way to maintain optimized performance levels, increase visibility as well as access at the different tiers.