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Q BioMed Inc. (QBIO) A Bull’s Tale of the Day

Shares of Q BioMed Inc. (QBIO) opened at $0.4800 and last traded at $0.84. More than 568,000 shares exchanged hands compared to an average daily volume of 70,806 shares. At the current pps, the market capitalization stands at 9.698M.

Let’s take a look at how the stock has performed this year so far. Below is the chart to get a feel for the recent price action.

So whats the buzz ?

Q BioMed Announces FDA Approval

Company Gets Green Light for Manufacturing FDA Approved Non-Opioid Cancer Palliation Drug


The Analyst Chirp:

Q BioMed Inc. (QBIO) has received an average target price from analysts of $1.25 amounting to a recommendation rating of Hold. That comes from 1 different analysts. Perhaps, the driver for that assessment comes from the company’s valuations. Drilling down a bit further, this quarter, we are looking at an average estimate from analysts for earnings per share level of 1.00. That shift to 1.00 heading into next quarter.

Published by Nicholas Maithya

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