Pura Naturals Inc (OTCMKTS:PNAT) closed 2016 on the happy note with announcing product availability expansion. The company announced that it is expanding its products availability through additional distribution channels, mainly in the form of, select Target stores in the U.S.

Popular home cleaning products to more households

The company’s foam cleaning products, which are made available through proprietary foam technology, are popular among the consumers. The company’s CEO, Robert Doherty said that Pura Naturals partnership with Target will make its products available to more number of households. He added that the company products “bring better cleaning solutions to everyone.”

Ease of availability to add more number of customers

The company’s foam technology products are well marketed. By making the products available to the customers easily, Pura Naturals can expand its customer base. Ease of access to the products through Target stores across the U.S. would mean that the company is looking for expanding its customer base as well.

This would definitely mean added revenue to the company and market accessibility in new areas. Addition of new states on the list can be seen here.

A product that works on proprietary foam technology

The company claims to offer unique products for home cleaning. Its proprietary foam technology is said to magnetize grime and grease without the use of harmful chemicals or harbouring bacteria. The company says that the traditional cleaning products available in the market right now, harbour bacteria.

The company’s products reportedly work on “unique soap infusion” formula without leading to bacterial build up. This is common with the household sponge products found otherwise in the market, as claimed by Pura Naturals. The company has said to produce such household products in response to gulf oil spill.

The unique formula and technology of company, as claimed, is a result of plant-based products. The company, as the name says, make it products based on renewable resource, unlike petroleum products found traditionally in the market.