Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) Is About to Trade Ex-dividend

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE: PFE) has announced that it will soon trade ex-dividend. This announcement signals the company’s investors to make their moves. The ex-dividend date refers to the day before a company decides which of its shareholders will get a dividend. Pfizer’s dividend will be $0.40 per share.

Pfizer announces the real-world benefits of IBRANCE

Pfizer also announced its real-world evidence of the benefits of IBRANCE when taken with an Aromatase inhibitor in patients instead of the latter by itself. These drugs are for testing breast cancer. The company presented these results at the European Society for Medical Oncology 2032.

According to the company’s Chief Devil Officer in Oncology, Dr Chris Boshoff, it is important to look into the efficacy of a treatment in public. He adds that since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved IBRANCE, breast cancer patients have benefited. The presentation shows that the company is dedicated to observing the real-world efficacy of its treatments even after they go through clinical trials.

Physicians have used IBRANCE on over 450,000 people in more than 100 countries since the FDA approved it over seven years ago. Since then, the company has been committed to testing its efficacy among real-world patients. Pfizer will release any new data on the drug.

Pfizer announces that the FDA is prolonging the review for a New Drug Application 

The company has also released information on another drug it is working on. MYFEMBREE, which Pfizer is developing with Myovant Sciences Ltd (NYSE: MYOV), is for managing moderate to severe pain that patients with endometriosis experience.

The companies had applied for a New Drug Application for the treatment. They have now announced that the U.S FDA is prolonging the review process for the application. This news comes after the regulator asked for more information on the drug’s gone density. The FDA will be reviewing this new data. The regulator will complete the process by August 6.

According to Myovant’s Chief Medical Officer, Juan Camilo Arjona Ferreira, the company is hopeful that the therapy could be approved to treat pain related to endometriosis. Meanwhile, the colonies will work with the FDA to ensure the process runs smoothly.

The FDA has previously approved the therapy for women with heavy menstrual bleeding caused by uterine fibroids.

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