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OTC Liquid Movers Update for Tuesday August 2

The market continues to firm up following a powerful rally in July after the worst first half of any year since the 1970’s. The big news driving gains continues to be a sense that inflation could be set to cool, allowing the US Federal Reserve to slow its pace of tightening. At the same time, earnings continue to come in worse than usual but better than expected.

With everyone either short, in cash, or over-hedged, that’s been good enough to stabilize things and force some powerful squeezing action across the market. 

Helping that cause on Monday, we saw the prices paid piece of the ISM Manufacturing report – a key inflation measure – come in well below expectations, further helping to justify the Fed’s pivot last week.

Earnings will continue to dominate the spotlight this week as economic data gets a bit thin. But geopolitics could step back into the spotlight at any moment as House Speaker Pelosi gets set to land in Taiwan on a controversial trip that some fear could spur military-grade tension between the US and China at an already precarious time.

With all of these dynamic pieces in play, traders are likely to continue to benefit from tremendous activity among OTC stocks, with notable movers covered below:

Emergent Health Corp. (OTC US:EMGE) has been acting well over recent days, up something like 26% in that time. The stock rallied +8.12% yesterday to close at $0.0385/share, racking up a total of $1.6M in transaction volume along the way.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC US:SIRC) has been on a big run, powering 59% higher over the past week. The company managed to rope in revenues totaling $27M in overall sales during the company’s most recently reported quarterly financial data — a figure that represents a rate of top line growth of 524.1%, as compared to year-ago data in comparable terms. SIRC closed up +12.59% yesterday, settling at $0.287/share on $1.4M in total transaction volume.

ProText Mobility Inc. (OTC US:TXTM) has been getting beaten up a bit over the past week, dropping about 25% in that time. But shares of the stock put in some support yesterday, rallying a couple percent during the session to close at $0.0064/share on $873K in total transaction volume.

SunHydrogen Inc. (OTC US:HYSR) engages in the generation and marketing of renewable energy. And the stock has been on a tear, rallying over 30% during the past week. But HYSR shares pulled back yesterday, dropping over 13% on $813K in transaction volume to close at $ 0.0404/share.

Ilustrato Pictures International Inc. (OTC US:ILUS) shares have been sinking over the past week, down about -12% in that time. The company has been growing rapidly on the topline so support could be nearby. Shares fell over 6% yesterday to close at $0.0835/share on $777K in trading volume.

CytoDyn Inc. (OTC US:CYDY) was another big mover on Monday, rallying over 8% on nearly $3 million in transaction volume to close at $0.837/share.

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