OTC Liquid Movers Update for Friday

It was a wild day across the markets on Thursday as the major indices continued their sharp breakout advance spurred on by Wednesday’s policy path pivot by Jerome Powell & Co. at the Federal Reserve. The S&P gained another 1.21% and the Nasdaq jumped another 1.08% on the heels of their huge gains Wednesday afternoon.

The rally comes after stocks have repeatedly appeared resilient this earnings season despite a consistent pattern of missing analyst estimates, suggesting that the economic slowdown, Fed tightening process, and inflation margin crunch we have seen so far this year had been discounted into shares ahead of Q2 reports.

But the wild action wasn’t limited to just the large caps. Small caps and OTC stocks have been treating market participants to speculative excitement in the form of a roller coaster ride in share prices that continued Thursday into the close.

Some of the wildest liquid movers from Thursday’s OTC market action are presented below:

SunHydrogen Inc. (OTC US:HYSR) moved 46.20% to close at 0.0481/share, transacting $2.1M in total volume. 

ArcelorMittal South Africa Ltd. ADR (OTC US:AMSIY) moved 22.44% to close at 0.3508/share, transacting $1.4M in total volume. 

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC US:SIRC) moved 31.86% to close at 0.2413/share, transacting $1.1M in total volume. 

Indo Global Exchange(s) Pte. Ltd. (OTC US:IGEX) moved -1.03% to close at 0.0048/share, transacting $897K in total volume. 

Houston Natural Resources Corp. (OTC US:HNRC) moved 7.05% to close at 0.5299/share, transacting $688K in total volume. 

Cruzani Inc. (OTC US:CZNI) moved -16.67% to close at 0.0005/share, transacting $648K in total volume. 

Exxe Group Inc. (OTC US:AXXA) moved -10.81% to close at 0.0156/share, transacting $544K in total volume. 

Voyager Digital Ltd. (OTC US:VYGVQ) moved -14.62% to close at 0.1425/share, transacting $512K in total volume. 

Emergent Health Corp. (OTC US:EMGE) moved 17.77% to close at 0.0285/share, transacting $503K in total volume. 

CytoDyn Inc. (OTC US:CYDY) moved 5.73% to close at 0.7401/share, transacting $2.0M in total volume. 

HUMBL Inc. (OTC US:HMBL) moved 4.29% to close at 0.08865/share, transacting $908K in total volume. 

Fannie Mae (OTC US:FNMA) moved -0.68% to close at 0.586/share, transacting $901K in total volume. 

Freddie Mac (OTC US:FMCC) moved -1.14% to close at 0.5625/share, transacting $660K in total volume. 

And rounding out the list, American Battery Technology Co. (OTC US:ABML) moved 1.74% to close at 0.7/share, transacting $605K in total volume.

Today, we will round out a very interesting week, but traders can likely expect more wild moves before the closing bell sounds. Monday will kick off a fresh week. Earnings will continue to take center stage on Wall Street, but economic data like the ISM surveys (Tuesday and Wednesday) and the employment report (Friday) will also help to shape expectations as market participants scramble to keep up with the volatility

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Published by Benjamin Roussey

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