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Optus Gears To Provide Users Wi-Fi Calling On Mobile Devices

Optus is all set to become the first mobile telecom to provide Wi-Fi calling service to iOS and Android mobile users, with the facility launching this year. This comes as excellent piece of news for the people facing signal problems and they can easily use Wi-Fi to send messages and make calls. An Optus spokesperson confirmed that the service was on the anvil and the Wi-Fi calling service will be launched before the end of 2015.

Aimed at providing better services to the customers and using technology to help make calling and texting a hassle-free phenomenon, Optus is the first company to confirm venturing into this sphere. Even though reports were there that Vodafone was in talks with Apple for facilitating Wi-Fi calling in Australia, the company has remained quiet and Telstra is ignorant of the same at present.

In April, Optus CEO, Allen Lew stated that they would be making the speeds better to support the Netflix video-on-demand streaming service. Lew hinted at being open to collaborate with over-the-top providers to offer the best experience to its customers.

Calls And Texts To Become Cheaper

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has announced that it was going to cut the cost that the telecom countries levy for accessing each other’s network. This would result in cheaper rates of calls and texts for mobile users. The move comes after Telstra charged more than 50% for connecting an Optus customer to its subscribers. While the proposed cuts would be 3.6¢ per minute to 1.61¢, for text messages, it would be 0.03¢.

Welcoming the move, a spokesperson from ACCAN said that this move would benefit the consumers and also have a positive effect on the telecom market in the country.

Telstra and Optus Not Happy

The news has not gone too well with Telstra and Optus. Telstra said that they already offered discounted packages on calling and messaging to customers through various pre-paid offers, unlimited texting and others from time to time.

Even Optus felt that the move seemed unfair on the part of ACCC as both the companies were having very different competition and revamping their service offerings for the customers. Meanwhile, Vodafone officials noted that the move could only benefit Telstra and not its customers.

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