OncoSec Medical Volume Surges (ONCS)

The stock of OncoSec Medical (OTC: ONCS) experienced a volume spike today while the price drifted a bit lower. Over 8.8 million shares exchanged hands during the trading session, making today’s activity the second highest in the last 52 weeks. Volume remained fairly steady throughout the day except for the last hour when the number of shares trading noticeably tapered off. The stock opened just below $0.23, and it moved slightly higher during the morning hours. After the lunch hour in New York, sellers drove the price per share to less than $0.20. The stock finished the day at $0.206, a loss of about a 7.2%.

This morning, StockReads.com highlighted this company as one deserving the attention of investors.

For the last three months, shares of OncoSec Medical have traded fairly flat after a fall from $1.00 that started at the beginning of March on little volume. The average number of shares trading daily picked up the pace as the stock approached its annual low of $0.12. The stock hit its 52-week high of $1.18 at the beginning of July 2011.

The San Diego, California, based company is focused on developing and commercializing innovative approaches for the treatment of solid cancerous tumors.  OncoSec Medical operates under two therapeutic models: ElectroImmunotherapy and ElectroChemotherapy. Both methods use electroporation, which applies an electrical field to increases the permeability of the cell plasma membrane. Electroimmunotherapy is used to enhance the delivery of DNA-based cytokines that produce an immune response against certain types of cancers. ElectroChemotherapy delivers localized chemotherapy to treat solid tumors. The most common methods of eradicating solid tumors today is either surgery or radiation or a combination of both.

The company reported no revenues and a net operating loss of $3.76 million for 2011. OncoSec Medical showed a headcount of eleven employees. The only recent insider transaction was a “buy” that occurred this month.

Some recent headlines found on Stockpromoters.com include:

  • June 19th, 2012–  The company announces the issuance of a new patent for its OMS ElectroOncology treatment platform.
  • June 5th, 2012 – OnoSec Medical enters into an exclusive manufacturing agreement with VGXI for production of DNA IL-12. Punit Dhillon, the CEO for OncoSec, said the agreement is part of a plan for the commercialization of ElectroImmunotherapy.
  • April 23rd, 2012 – The company demonstrates the potential of ElectroChemotherapy as an alternative treatment for head and neck cancers. A Phase IV study of 81 patients with recurring neck and head carcinoma were treated using OMS ElectroChemotherapy. Local tumor control was achieved in 94 percent of primary tumors and 57 percent of recurring tumors.

No research analysts currently follow the company.


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