Once Again, Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) Disrupts Retail Stores With New Department Stores

Amazon.com, Inc (NASDAQ: AMZN) will soon open a series of department stores to sell products to physical buyers. This change is after Amazon successfully disrupted online stores, grocery, books stores, and other stores.

Amazon has the Amazon Go and the 4-Stars Stores, which consist of the top-rated products. Reports have it that Amazon may use the new department stores to improve its clothes, electronics, and household items.

Amazon plan might be intended to take over Walmarts- the largest seller of clothes in the U.S.

Amazon disrupted its e-commerce sector over the years and its cashier-less Amazon Go stores, bookstores, and other physical retail stores.

Some reports say that the stores will be smaller (30,000 sq ft) than the initial (100,000 sq ft). In addition, these stores will only be for the top-rated brands in the industries targeted. The first department stores will be in California and Ohio. These department stores will, in turn, allow Amazon to collect more data from its customers conveniently.

The stores will request to know for how long has a customer been looking for a specific item. The customers will also provide information on which stores they have been looking for the products and their locations. This kind of information will help the e-commerce giant to create more personalized campaigns. It will also be a new way to beat the competitors by using the data from the customers.

The future of retail

If the e-commerce giant is now moving to physical stores, it means that in-person buying and selling may never be outdated. However, Amazon is not just going back to the retail traditions. Instead, it aims to integrate modern ways of getting to interact with the customers.

Amazon will personalize products such that customers will have a better experience compared to the traditional stores. The customer data will ensure that all are available that the clients need at the specific seasons of the year. Amazon’s strategy will be arousing more competition from the competitors, which will be the customer’s joy. In competition, the customer wins by receiving high-quality from the dealer they want.

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