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OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:OBMP) Provides Positive Update on ProscaVax Data

OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:OBMP) has been one of our favorite new players in the $7.1 billion prostate cancer treatment market. The company just put out a new press release summarizing data that makes a strong case in the preparation of a coming Phase II trial of ProscaVax, which is OncBioMune’s lead pipeline asset.

As noted in the press release (which appears to be a reiteration and update of data the company put out on February 23, 2016) the company confirms positive signs that have been found associated with the trial. In that trial, ProscaVax is being evaluated for safety and efficacy in prostate specific antigen (PSA) recurrent prostate cancer in hormone-naïve and hormone-independent patients. Per protocol, 20 patients are expected to be enrolled in the 1a portion of the study, with therapy consisting of six ProscaVax induction vaccinations at a single dose. To date, 16 prostate cancer patients have enrolled in the trial.

OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:OBMP) is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company that develops cancer immunotherapy products. The company has proprietary rights to a breast and prostate patent vaccine; and a process for the growth of cancer cells and targeted chemotherapies. Its lead product is ProscaVax that is in the planning stage of a Phase II clinical trial for the treatment of prostate cancer.

The company also has a portfolio of targeted therapies. OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The company makes a lot of sense as a possible lotto ticker takeout candidate for a number of possible players. We’ve noted others such as Seattle Genetics, Inc. (NASDAQ:SGEN), Inovio Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:INO), Nymox Pharmaceutical Corporation (NASDAQ:NYMX), where there is pre-existing synergy and rationale. That said, in its own right, the company has very little in the way of current liabilities on the balance sheet right now, and has research momentum and authorization for a phase II trial, which may position them for strong terms on future funding and go-to-market.
Ready for Further Study

As discussed above, the company has reiterated and updated data that strongly indicates the safety profile and potential efficacy of ProscaVax.

Data from its phase I trial combined with previous in-house studies have, according to the most recent release, “established a strong safety profile for ProscaVax, while providing evidence of a therapeutic benefit that warrants larger clinical trials. OncBioMune is preparing to enter a Phase 2/3 trial in Mexico through a Joint Venture with its acquisition target and Mexican partner Vitel Laboratorios S.A. de C.V. Inclusion criteria for the Phase 2/3 trial will be similar to the ongoing Phase 1 trial. A second Phase 2 trial is planned in the United States at a prominent Northeast university cancer center evaluating ProscaVax at disease presentation in early-stage prostate cancer patients in the “active surveillance” population.”

“We’re very excited by the updated data that once again supports our thesis that ProscaVax can provide a meaningful benefit to prostate cancer patients without the horrible side effects well known to accompany today’s approved therapies,” commented Dr. Jonathan Head, Chief Executive Officer at OncBioMune. “We greatly look forward to our upcoming Phase 2 studies where we will be adding six ProscaVax booster injections, which we believe has the potential to further increase efficacy for both early and late-stage prostate cancer patients.”

This stock continues to act well and may have a number of strong catalysts ahead as new data gradually becomes available.


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