ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ONNN) Expands Its High-Performing CCD Image Capture Portfolio

Christine Lawrence - September 11, 2014

Boston, MA 09/11/2014 (wallstreetpr) – ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ONNN), which is already renowned for its high-performing CCD image sensors, has decided to add on more into this portfolio. ON Semiconductor announced that it would expand the aforementioned category of portfolio with latest devices that shall target industrial imaging.

New Product in the Family

ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ONNN)’s new introduction in the family is the KAI-08670 Image Sensor, featuring 8.6 megapixel and sporting APS-H optical format. KAI-08670 is infused with the capability of delivering critical performance in terms of imaging, which is often required by some of the extremely demanding applications. A few of these applications include the ones found in surveillance markets, intelligent traffics and industrial inspection. It is in these industries that imaging quality cannot be compromised on.

On introduction of the new product, the ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ONNN)’s Image Sensor Business unit VP, Chris McNiffe said that KAI-08670 Image Sensor is the successor of high-performing 7.4 micron CCD family. He further added that the newly launched product shall take the resolution further, which will enable customers to make a better choice in case they are looking for advanced imaging performance.

Features and Specifications of KAI-08670 Image Sensor

The new product belongs to TRUESENSE® family of ON Semiconductor Corp (NASDAQ:ONNN). KAI-08670 will succeed the family by joining other products that offer lower resolution such as 2 and 4 megapixel, as well as higher resolution like 16 megapixel.

The benefit of KAI-08670 is that it will allow camera manufacturers in improvising their present camera designs so that they can support latest devices. As far as the Color Filter Pattern is concerned, KAI-08670 will be accessible to the customers in Bayer Color, monochrome and Sparse Color Filter Pattern of the TRUESENSE family and will offer an all-inclusive colour spectrum and sensitivity options. Evaluation kit offered along with the device will allow manufacturers to examine the details easily and quickly without even developing the entire camera design.


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