OMNOVA Solutions Inc.(NYSE:OMN)’s revenue tumbling

Boston, MA 04/08/2013 (wallstreetpr) – OMNOVA Solutions Inc.(NYSE:OMN)  is the leading provider of functional/decorative surfaces for both residential and commercial use, in addition to specialty chemicals and emulsion polymers. There are two different business segments through which the company operates. This includes engineered surfaces and performance chemicals. OMNOVA Solutions has an expansive customer base across the world and it operates through 22 strategic locations in Asia, Europe, and North America. The product manufactured by the company provides a variety of aesthetic and functional benefits to consumers. The company’s product line includes adhesives, tailored resins, antioxidants and specialty rubbers carpets, textiles, hoses, and paper.

At close of Friday’s trading session, OMN had a share price of $7.32, which is a decrease of 0.14% from its previous day closing. This do not indicate a massive improvement from the data of last 52 weeks, which showed an all time high of $9 per share price. Earnings per share are a dismal $0.57 with market cap of 344.39M. The previous day’s close for OMNOVA Solutions was at $7.

Revenue for the company is dropping steadily, with no positive sign in sight. While GAAP EPS shrank to an all time low of zero, non-GAAP EPS also dropped significantly. The reported revenue of OMNOVA Solutions is $251.7MM. Sales through GAAP reports came out to be 8.8% lower. For this quarter the gross margins for the company is at 19.5%, which is 260 points lower than the previous year’s quarter. Operating margin is also 440 points lower at 4.1%, and so is the net margin, which is 500 points worse in terms of GAAP. No wonder the stocks of OMNOVA Solutions get a dismal one star rating which is bound to scare away the investors in the coming months.

The reported EPS of the company at $0.03 in the quarter miss the analyst estimates of $0.08 EPS. This week performance may be the result of the significant losses which the company incurred in the first quarter due to their loss of vital paper coated chemical market, and it is yet to come out of its consistent downturn.

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