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Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) Thanks Educators And Launches Exclusive New WorkPro Flex Collection

Office Depot Inc (NASDAQ:ODP) a leading global provider of workplace products , services and solutions is expressing gratitude to teachers by helping get them ready to head back to work. The company which prides itself in being a catalyst for productivity is showing gratitude to teachers during teacher appreciation days by offering a 25% discount coupon. The coupons will be made available in stores from July 30 to August 2 and later again on August 27 to August 30.

The Vice President of marketing for Office Depot Inc., Diane Nick says that they will be able to help teachers gear up for the new school year and find whatever they need for their lessons. This is because teachers and all educators put in a lot of time and effort and as a company they want to offer them savings.

Apart from the great discounts there will also be a VIP savings card for the teachers. These teachers will get for a 20% discount. They will qualify for this if they make purchases during the period leading to October 31. Office Depot will be offering their members offers and discounts on supplies throughout the year.

The company has gone to the extent of offering downloadable content on their site where teachers can learn new things and even get ideas on how to decorate their classrooms.

There is also the Give Back to Schools program, educators and parents plus other shoppers can get store credits for a school. All they need to do is make a purchase that is stated in the qualifications. All that a shopper needs to do is show a school program Identification.

WorkPro Flex Collection

Apart from Office Depot Inc rewarding teachers they also have launched a new collection inspired by modern business needs. The WorkPro Flex collection is great for entrepreneurs and businesses of any size. They are made in such a way that office space is put to maximum use.

According to the company, businesses have changed how they use office space whereby flexibility is number one on the list. This collection is meant to meet work space needs and also bring about creativity. It transforms the office.

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