Oclaro Inc (NASDAQ:OCLR) focus on the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling of specific product lines

Viraj Shah - July 22, 2013

Boston, MA 07/23/2013 (wallstreetpr) – During the last trading session, the stock of Oclaro Inc (NASDAQ:OCLR) surged by 1.55% after trading a total number of 1.56 million shares. The company’s trading average trading volume of 1.30 million shares. The price of the shares of Oclaro Inc closed at the value of $ 1.31 during the last trading session. The news with the regards to Verizon that is currently hiring hundred full time sales representatives in order to staff the new national customer retention center have some impact on the decline of the stock of Oclaro Inc. This fresh national customer retention center will be handling a wide variety of functions such sales as well as customer support with regards to the landline products and services of the company, most importantly FiOS Internet and TV.

The year to date performance of the stock of Oclaro currently stands at about -24.84%. During last year, Oclaro Inc has acquired Opnext with a deal of $ 177 million. This deal has not been viewed as favorable by the investors. Hence, the stock of Oclaro has faced of around 57% during the last year.

Oclaro Inc, which is targeting the manufacturers of telecom equipments, was incorporated during June 2006. Oclaro is supplying the telecom equipments with the component levels of optical products. Oclaro Inc is also supplying module and subsystem levels of products. Oclaro also contains specific product lines within the whole business of the company, which are focusing on the designing, manufacturing, marketing and selling. The tunable laser products of the company include discrete laser and laser with co-packaged modulators which are used in optimizing the performance of the product as well as reducing the size of the product. The component level tunable product of the company includes tunable laser chip and the co-packaged modulator.

Viraj Shah

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