Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ : NVDA) To Present Use Cases Of Its Faster High-Performance Computing Supercomputers T ISC 2022

The International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), running from May 29 through June 2, 2022, in Hamburg, Germany, will feature the world’s most powerful and fastest high-performance computing (HPC) supercomputers. Nvidia Corporation (NASDAQ : NVDA)  is expected to discuss its newest HPC machines and the applications they allow during the ISC event.

HPC and AI instrumental in scientific computing 

Lead technical product marketing manager for accelerated computing Dion Harris said, “HPC plus AI is really the transformational tool of scientific computing. We talk about exascale AI because we believe that this will be one of the key pivotal tools to drive scientific innovation and any data center that’s building a supercomputer needs to understand how their system will perform from an AI standpoint.”

Nvidia initially introduced Grace ARM-based CPUs in April last year with the objective of integrating them into HPC operations. The goal is currently being realized. In addition, Nvidia will announce at ISC 2022 that Los Alamos National Laboratory and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) will develop Venado, the first supercomputer in the United States, using the Grace chip design.

The Grace and Grace Hopper Superchips are used in the Venado supercomputer, which is intended to produce ten exaflops of AI capability. Material science, alternative energy, and energy distribution studies will all benefit from the Venado system.

Nvidia to make an announcement on the use of HPC and AI in brain imaging

One of the HPC and AI applications is brain mapping. Nvidia will make an announcement at ISC 2022. The Cambridge-1 platform, a powerful supercomputer in the UK, and the Monai AI platform, which is tailored for diagnostic imaging applications, are being used by King’s College London.

According to Harris, the importance of this is due to the large quantity of AI-driven research being done to identify diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia. However, vast databases are required to train those models.

Also, during ISC 2022, the company will announce that the UK Atomic Energy Authority is utilizing the Nvidia Omniverse simulation system to expedite the design and development of a comprehensive fusion reactor.

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