NTT Docomo Inc (OTCMKTS:DCMYY) has entered into a partnership accord with VeChain for expanding the VeChain project into the Japanese Market.

The alliance will enhance the presence of VeChain in the Japanese Market. The company is aiming to improve the capacity of its data services in the supply chain management, traceability, and smartphones. The addition of Docomo’s 5G services will enhance the presence of VeChain in Japan.

Previously, VeChain has extended the traceability program for the vaccines and drugs in China. The blockchain firm is now partnering with Japan based NTT Docomo with its traceability solutions. VeChain is the first partner of the NTT Docomo’s for 5G open program.

NTT Docomo Targets the Industrial Use of Innovative 5G

NTT Docomo is pushing for the industrial use of 5G by the year 2020. To achieve this goal, the company is adding a number of partners to its network. VeChain is now proud to offer the next generation services across the industry.

With a partnership accord, VeChain will be able to ensure collaboration across the industry with various enterprises. It also offers new channels for expansion. The company has formulated new partnerships using blockchain on the backdrop of this new partnership with NTT Docomo. The alliance with NTT Docomo is expected to strengthen the presence of VeChain.

NTT Docomo Inc Invests in Interactive Video Technology Company Paronym Inc

NTT Docomo Inc has invested in Paronym Inc as per the announcement made on July 6, 2018. The company has used its subsidiary NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc for this latest investment initiative.

The startup company Paronym Inc is engaged in developing the interactive video technology TIG. The new technology allows the users to quickly tap and drag the products like latest spectacles of a model in a video and later search for that product.

The marketing companies can also make use of TIG to measure the customer interaction. For example, they can measure the number of taps on a product during the broadcast of a video. The authoring tools will help the marketing firms to set the 3 dimensional metadata in videos. Therefore, TIG plays a vital role to promote the sales of products and reap rich dividends.