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Nokia Wins A Three-Year Deal To Deploy 5G In The Philippines

Nokia has entered a deal with Globe Telecom to offer 5G experiences to customers in the Philippines. The agreement spans three years, and the company will focus on upgrading Globe Telecom’s existing 4G network. Nokia also intends to expand the 5G network reach, hoping to install it in about 1,000 sites in the Philippines.

Network deployment                                                                              

Sources show the deployment coverage, which will expand to Mindanao and Visayas – the second and third largest islands, respectively. If all goes according to plan, the deployment might swing into effect starting Q2 2021 and might reach completion in 2023.

The terms of the deal stipulate Nokia’s role, the first one being the provision of equipment and services. The company says that it will rely on its comprehensive 5G AirScale portfolio in the undertaking. The objective will be to establish an elaborate Radio Access Network (RAN) consisting of radio access products and base stations.

Globe Telecom expresses its interest in utilizing Nokia’s AirScale massive MIMO Adaptive Antenna solution, which it refers to as a high-capacity one. The Adaptive Antenna solution employs modernistic 64TR radios, and that is how it succeeds in boosting performance and coverage.

Globe Telecom intends to improve the user experience, and one of the ways is to offer them high peak speeds. To establish a dense urban network, the company will rely on the new 3.5GHz spectrum band.

Nokia’s commitment

Many significant changes swing into effect with the new deal, the other one being the revamping of the existing FDD/TDD LTE network infrastructure. Globe Telecom has done its part and hopes Nokia will do a great job unveiling the superior network across the Philippines’ two major islands.

Nokia is ready to start, promising to utilize its NetAct solution in network management and running most of the daily network operations. It will also offer technical support services and optimization.

Nokia and Globe Telecom have come a long way, and the latest move is an extension of their longstanding business collaboration. Nokia focuses on providing a wide range of solutions, including fixed network products, optical, IP, and wireless services.

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