Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) To Upgrade Optical Transmission In A Bid To Revamp The Automated And Programmable Networks And 5G

Network virtualization, automation and slicing has as a matter that has attracted a lot of speculation in the recent past with a lot of people talking about the various network operators who are as a matter of fact expected to go through a some staged process, and a long this particular line it is important to mention that some upgrades need to be done in inline with the optical transmission networks.

According to managing director of Nokia Oyj (ADR) (NYSE:NOK) Oceania Ray Owen as well as the Vice President of Nokia Optics Sam Bucci,Nokia as a matter of fact happens to be one between the two renowned providers on the global arena that showcases a great capacity when it comes to providing the end-to-end solution across the whole network for this journey towards 5G. Some of the trusted sources have been quick to pinpoint to the fact that it will all begin with the optical transmission backbone.

While addressing a press conference, Owen stated, “What we’re seeing today is the need to do a massive infrastructure renewal, which is in the backbone of that network. The investment for 5G for us in Australia has started already, and it’s mainly in this optical transport networking area … behind every wireless network is a fantastic fixed infrastructure, and that becomes more so when you get to 5G.”

One thing that is for sure is the fact that the high end provider is mobilizing its resources towards the attainment of its set objectives. In the nearby future, it is hoped that it will indeed manage to establish a quite programmable, automated network that will indeed be able to slice, provide a service, move capacity, provide a segment in a very quick fashion and above all transfer applications across the network in a more effective and efficient way!

Bucci upon being confronted by a number of top news reporters went ahead to state that the 5G upgrade was in some way a working strategy that would facilitate local processing from mobile towers to a more centralized location.

At the moment, the company is considering taking the processing servers and as a matter of fact centralizing them. Much is going on at the moment and the end result is something we all have to wait and see!

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