Boston, MA 06/17/2014 (wallstreetpr) – The leading energy services provider NF Energy Saving Corp (NASDAQ:NFEC) is having a good June month this year. The company is giving a series of good news in the current month. In the latest news, it has got a $3.38 million contract for a major retrofit project. The contract is signed with an environmental protection company based in China. NF Energy provides its services and solutions to most of the company in China who are in the operating in the segments of coal, power, petrochemical, metallurgy, infrastructure and construction. The contract is to provide the solutions for the problems arising from the industrial coal fired boilers owned by aircraft manufacturing company.

Environmental pollution from thermal plants

China is moving ahead on the growth path but again it has to deal with the other problems. The country is facing the increasing problem of poor air quality and extreme environmental pollution. The problem is arising because of the large emission of the nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide from the various thermal plants. The emissions come out from the industrial and space heating boilers. Coal is the main fuel used in these plants. As a result, the country is facing with the problem of smog in the majority of regions.

The services and solutions

Seeing the current scenario, China has started with the program that aims to reduce the harmful emissions in the environment. It has made it must use the energy efficiency enhancements and retrofits on coal fired industrial boilers. The other industries covered in the plan are iron, steel and cement making. These are also the emission intensive industries. NF Energy is set to benefit from the energy efficient and emission reduction programs. It is the services and solutions provider to China. It will install the dust removal and the advanced system known as desulfurization system for stopping the harmful emissions. The current project can called be the start of many new projects in the coming future.