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New products set to boost Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) earnings this year

Stocks found some good support to end the quarter Friday, with the S&P 500 leading the charge off its 50-day moving average. That’s a lot more than can be said for the Nasdaq 100, which couldn’t even get high enough to touch its 50-day.

There is no doubt thatĀ big cap Tech stocks are getting cashed but looks like investors inĀ Apple inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) are in for a solid surprise this quarter.

Two New Products That Have the Potential To Boost Apple’s Financials This Year. Apple has had a lot on their hands these past months, with the launching of their new products. They have released 12.9-inch and 10.5-inch pad pro and have also upgraded many of their Mac computers with other amazing features. They have also brought forward a lot of software improvements on their major platforms.

There’s no doubt that the second half would be more intriguing for the Mac maker, and the year generally would be recorded at the end as one of their biggest years. We have incoming reports that Apple is planning to release another premium iPhone, a high-end this time which would be superior to iPhone 7 and would be called iPhone 8. This new one is said to come with full-face OLED display, with increased image quality expected to deliver a better user experience.

The new iPhone 8 will also have high sensing capabilities which are believed to have real use cases. Of course, we are confident that Apple will tell us more, about how efficient it would be and it’s performance. This new product is sounding like one that’s going to be super cool with great potential to boost the super cycle and also spark up the average selling prices.

There are also reports that two additional iPhone models are known as iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s high core will be out in the market soon, and they will come as upgrades to the existing iPhone and iPhone 7 plus. These two, however, won’t be anywhere around the new iPhone 8 to be launched, although there will be additional features at price points that’ll be affordable for everyone compared to the advanced technology behind iPhone 8, and that’ll be the good thing about it.

The new iMac Pro was announced by Apple at WWDC, although won’t be ready to be sold out until December. Users are advised to keep calm until then because the features on this computer will leave you wondering. You should expect the new iMac Pro systems to have high-core count processors, a great display, powerful graphics processors, amidst other goodies. The innovative iMac Pro systems ought to be an enormously fast high-core count mainframes, a reliable graphics processor, with prodigious display, and other goodies.






Published by Flavia Carruth

Hi, I am Flavia and have done my MBA with finance as specialization and a Bachelor in Economics with 4 years of experience as Financial Analyst in leading Software Firm. I have passion for article writing, report making and stock market Analysis.

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