Netflix, Inc (NASDAQ:NFLX) Rival, Inc s(NASDAQ:AMZN) May Contend The Seat For The Hotspot Of Hollywood

Donna Fago - January 25, 2017

Long-term standing rivals Netflix, Inc. (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Amazon, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) are currently in the progress of a vicious turf war, to determine the number one entertainment spot for Hollywood.

Although from a content and media perspective Netflix has Amazon under their thumb, through multiple key content releases, Amazon has paid more attention in focusing motion pictures in cinema debuts, which is the preferred standard of operation throughout Hollywood.

More details about the turf war of entertainment giants in Hollywood

Although content wise Amazon may not be able to contend with Netflix, when it comes to motion pictures, Amazon just managed to strike a heavy blow on their rival. This blow comes in the form of the motion picture, ‘Manchester By The Sea’.

The reason why this film triumphed the rivalry competition, is due to the awards, which the film received on Tuesday. The Academy Of Motion Pictures And Science nominated this film for the Best Picture award. This is a spot, which is only awarded to one out of nine nominees, and therefore is rather rare, and significant.

Additionally, this film was responsible for bringing in nine Oscar nominations for Amazon, on behalf of the films. Examples of the Oscar nominations, which this film was privy includes the likes of acting, writing, as well as directing.

Comments on this rivalry between the two media-entertainment giants

When questioned on the matter, the Senior Box office analyst at Exhibitor Relations, Jeff Bock, stated, “They would both like Oscar glory, all the studios do. However, when Amazon buys a movie, it comes with the vow that the film will have a long run in theaters before showing up on the company’s video service.”

This promise alone, from Amazon, puts the company in a significant advantageous position over its competitor, Netflix, despite the latter company’s market reach and content potential.

Donna Fago

Donna Fago

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