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Nephros Rallies after Short Period of Volatility

Stock shares of Nephros (OTC: NEPH) staged a respectable rally in today’s over-the-counter market. The small-cap stock closed today’s trading session at $1.90, or 8.57% higher than yesterday’s closing price, with volume up from a daily average of 23,559 to over 67,106. At one point during the day, shares of Nephros peaked at $1.91.

Nephros has been experiencing an incredible rally this year, with a 175.36% total gain since the start of 2012. The stock rallied since the beginning of May and peaked at a price of $3.04 on May 14, 2012. The stock experienced a volatile period until today’s gain, which may be a sign of a continuation rally for Nephros.

On April 30, 2012, Nephros declared that it had acquired 510k authorization via the US Food & Drug Administration agency to initiate marketing of filtration technology to treat chronic kidney failure (when used in conjunction with UF dialysis machines that have the capacity to produce ultrapure dialysate, in keeping with the present ISO, ANSI and AAMI regulations.)

The hemodiafiltation technology comprises of the company’s OLpur, MD220 and OLpur, H2H devices.

On March 10, 2011, The company declared the completion of its private placement and rights offer. Aggregated net revenue resulting from the private placement and rights offering for the company totals $3.2 million dollars. This follows the deduction of approximate aggregated expenses, the reimbursement of the $500,000 note, and resulting interest applied to Lambada Investors.

Nephros produces equipment for medical use. It specializes in marketing and producing equipment to filter blood, water purification devices and systems for infection control. The company’s hemodiafiltration technology (also known as HDF) is designed for patients in the advanced stages of kidney failure. The company also takes account of the clinical and critical financial requirements of the health service provider.

The company’s technology removes middle molecules. These contribute to conditions such as degenerative bone disease, dialysis provoked amyloidosis, carpal tunnel disease and ultimately, death in the end- stage renal disease patient.

Nephros devices are distributed and sold throughout Europe. They are currently being used in over fifty health facilities.


Published by Fiona Gibson

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