Boston, MA 07/15/2013 (wallstreetpr) – Neonode Incorporation (NASDAQ:NEON), a company that is developing and licensing the next generation of user interface and optical multi touch solutions, was one of the NASDAQ stocks that posted percentage gains during the last trading session. Neonode, Inc. traded with a trading volume of 5.87 million shares during the prior session and with an average one at a total number of 284,508 million shares. The 52-week range of the stock of Neonode, Inc. remained between the values of $ 3.19 and $ 7.99. The stock of Neonode, Inc. closed its session at $ 7.89 by showing a positive movement of 7.89%.

The stock of Neonode, Inc. was also leading the tech stocks by rising +23.86%. At present, NEON trades above the company’s 50-day moving average which is 5.54, as well as above its 200-day moving average of 5.45. It is observed that NEON has shown positive year to date performance of about 62.35%. The earnings per share of the company for the current year have grown 56.30%. Currently, the stock of the company is +150.47% up from its 12-month low. This prompted the Growth Stock Report to include the stock of Neonode, Inc. in their NASDAQ Gainers Watch List. The company’s stock price volatility during last month remained as 4.13%.

Neonode licenses the optical multi-touch and user interface solutions to such manufacturers as Original Equipment Manufacturer and Original Design Manufacturer, those which are embedding the multi-sensing technologies into the handheld devices and touch screens that are developed and sold by them. Along with its subsidiaries, Neonode, Inc. develops these solutions based upon its z-Force touch technology. The multi-sensing technology of the company is competing with the capacitive touch solutions and found integrated into a wide range of products from mobile phones and tablets to automotive Human-Machine Interface and infotainment systems.