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mPhase Technologies Achieves Huge Rebound (XDSL)

mPhase Technologies (OTC: XDSL) staged a huge rally of 30.8% and closed at a share price of $0.0017 today, continuing the stock’s recent rebound. With 29.06 million shares exchanging hands, volume of the stock is well above its average of 18.58 million shares.

Despite today’s huge rally and recent steady rebound, mPhase Technologies has a total loss of 56.4% in share price since the start of 2012. The stock had been steadily declining since New Year’s Day until mid-May, when mPhase Technologies hit an all-time low and a share of the stock was priced at less than $0.001. Since May 21, 2012, mPhase has been steadily rallying. Today’s respectable rebound may be a sign of the stock reversing its overall performance and advancing into the green zone.

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Here are some recent headlines for mPhase:

  • Today, July 17, 2012: mPhase and Stevens Institute of Technology announced an official agreement to jointly pursue business opportunities with government and industry as well as research and development (R&D) projects.
  • June 28, 2012: mPhase  announced that it is developing its launch strategy for its new automotive and marine product with an experienced marketing agency and launch firm.
  • June 6, 2012: mPhase Technologies announced that negotiations with two creditors had led to a standstill agreement and restructuring of approximately $1,500,000.00 Dollars in Toxic Convertible Debentures.

mPhase Technologies, incorporated in 1979, is a development-stage company specializing in developing smart surfaces using materials science engineering, nanotechnology science and the principles of microfluidics and microelectromechanical systems.

The company develops products for both commercial and military applications. The company’s flagship product is its Smart NanoBattery providing Power On Command.

The platform technology behind the Smart NanoBattery is a porous nanostructured material used to repel and control the flow of liquids. The material has a Smart Surface that can be designed for other products, such as self-cleaning applications, water purification/desalination, liquid filtration/separation, and environmental cleanup. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, mPhase has focused on development of a lithium Smart NanoBattery.

mPhase introduced the first version of the lithium Smart NanoBattery designed for portable electronics and microelectronic applications. The company has designed and developed its first generation emergency flashlight product containing its manually-activated reserve battery.

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