Mother’s Day: 3 quirky, playful gifts to buy for mom in celebration of her

If you’re unsure what to get your mom for Mother’s Day, consider going the comedic route.

You might try purchasing a gift that will make her smile every time she uses or sees it.

If your mom is often difficult to shop for, you should try finding a Mother’s Day gift that appeals to her sense of humor and will make her laugh.


Read below to discover a wholesome yet funny gift for mom on Mother’s Day.

Instead of jewelry or breakfast in bed, perhaps your mom enjoys a new mug for her cup of coffee in the morning or afternoon tea. 

However, do not just purchase a plain, mundane coffee mug. Add a little spice to your Mother’s Day gift by getting your mom a mug that will make her laugh or smile every time she drinks from it.

One brand to consider purchasing a funny mug from is Adalore, which sells a customizable coffee mug with the phrase, “Mom, no matter what life throws at you, at least don’t have ugly children.” 

The mug sells at an affordable price on Amazon or directly from the brand’s website for $16.99 before shipping and handling. There are tons of other mugs with similar jokes that you can choose from, based on your mom’s style of humor.

If you want to create your mug with your own joke, color and custom shape, use websites such as Etsy to design the perfect and hilarious Mother’s Day coffee mug.

Instead of an individual item that only your mom can enjoy, consider purchasing an engaging and funny, family-friendly board game that your whole family will enjoy playing together. If your mom enjoys board games, this will be the perfect route to take; however, finding the right board is essential. 

There are hundreds of humor-themed party games available online for you to order for your mom, but the safest option is Cards Against Humanity.

The adult party game allows players to use statements to fill in the blank of questions by using politically incorrect or risqué answers. If your mom has a wild sense of humor, she will enjoy this gift for a night with her friends or for a weekly family board game session. 

Make sure you clearly understand what your mom finds funny before making a purchase.


Another enjoyable yet affordable gift for your mom on Mother’s Day is a pair of hilarious but comfortable socks. Amazon and Etsy are the perfect areas of the internet to search for the pair that will best fit your mom. 

Typically, a pair of quirky socks sell for around $10-$15 before shipping and include phrases at the bottom of the socks that say, for example, “If you can read this, mom is off duty.”

Websites such as Etsy also allow you to design your own pair of socks for mom with unique phrases and colors that will be personalized directly for her.

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