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Microsoft Warns Its 800M Windows 10 Users Of A Bug Causing Problems

In recent weeks Windows 10 has been hit with a number of issues with partners contributing to making the situation even worse. It, however, seems that there is a new Windows 10 warning with details of the failure behind it which is being blamed on Microsoft.

A bug causing problems to Windows 10 introduced “by design.”

Recently Microsoft rolled up system upgrades for Windows 10 warning users that the update shall be hit a couple of times in the next few weeks before Microsoft could do anything about it. Partners have indicated that pre-installed software on PC exposes users to hackers.

The issue was picked by Ghacks and Microsoft has warned all of its 800M Windows 10 users regarding a long-running and serious bug that has been causing problems on the platform that is not a bug at all. Interestingly the so-called bug was introduced voluntarily by design, which is very worrying.

Microsoft has confirmed that eight months ago what it did was to switch off its Registry backups in Windows 10 quietly despite the assurance to the Windows 10 users that crucial safeguarding system was still functional. At the time Ghacks saw that the Registry backups indicated successful completion of operation regardless of the system not creating any backup file.

Despite alleged upgrade the RegBack folder still does not backup files automatically

A registry backup is usually for most users and businesses a very important last line of defense. This is so because in the event of failure of Windows System Restore which will bar the users from using third-party software, then they can be on the safe side because a Registry backup will be available. So far, Microsoft has indicated what is happening by stating that:

“Windows does not back up the system registry automatically in the RegBack folder for version 1803 of Windows 10. You can view this by browsing to the WindowsSystem32configRegBack folder through Windows Explorer, and you will notice that despite the registry hive being available the size of each file is 0kb.”

Published by Lisa Ray

Lisa has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Purdue University and 3 years of experience in the publishing field.

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