Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ: MSFT), Bing, Is Asked By China to Suspend Auto-suggestion Function

Bing, a subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT), states that a Chinese regulator has asked it to suspend the auto-suggestion function. This suspension is not the first the company has received from Beijing as the country cracks down on algorithms and technology platforms. The suspension is to last seven days.

Update for the Xbox insider builds suggests that Microsoft might make it more difficult for customers to share their gameplay captures on Twitter. Usually, they could share videos or screenshots directly to the platform via the Xbox interface. However, Microsoft is now removing the option.

Microsoft is partnering with Parsec

Microsoft is also collaborating with Parsec to allow game creators to use and build real-time 3D applications to access Parsec’s one-click deployment of its remote access technology via Azure.

Continuant, a top Microsoft Gold Partner, is also expanding its partnership with Ribbon Communications Inc. The partnership allows Ribbon Communications Inc (NASDAQ: RBBN) allowing key industries to transition easily to Microsoft Team’s Phone System features to enable optimal communication services.

Microsoft is creating auto-generated alt text

Microsoft is trying to create auto-generated alt text as it claims that nearly half of web images lack labels. The company believes that these games are essential for people with extremely poor vision or blindness. Its features allow the automatic processing of images without labels. While the company admits that the feature still has faults, it is still beneficial to the visually impaired.

Microsoft has launched a Microsoft Edge that will enable Steam Deck users to play games on the platform. The users could initially access Xbox games on Steam Deck. However, they couldn’t use their handheld devices to play.

AudioCodes Ltd (NASDAQ: AUDC) has also released AudioCodes Live Express to enable partners to manage and inboard Microsoft Team’s connection to the PSTN. The service will include management automation features to optimize daily operations.

Lunavi, another Microsoft Gold Partner, is trying to strengthen its position and give its clients enhanced services on Microsoft Azure and information security. For this reason, the company has renewed Azure Expert MSP Certification for the third year.

Meanwhile, ransomware hackers explored a Windows vulnerability to make fake profiles on LinkedIn to breach various companies. The hackers targeted more than 650 companies with about 5000 daily emails. Fortunately, Microsoft was able to fix the vulnerability.

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