Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Unveils The AI Driven Sprinkles, A Top End Mobile Application Targeting Youths

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has lately engaged in a number of developments, but the most recent development that had it unveil a mobile app focused on the youth was a greater impact from speculative point of view.

The new mobile app goes by the name Sprinkles and the wide user base globally deeply appreciate its capabilities in taking pictures, not of course forgetting its high end graphics.

Microsoft shares have been on a decline for some time now and as a matter of fact raising eyebrows. The significant underperformance of shares associated with the company is a major setback and this is costing the high end provider a huge deal considering that it is now bringing down the great investor confidence it has been building over the years.

 Someone might wish to run to the defense of the company citing that there are other high level companies that have been in the same spot before and gotten back to their feet again. Of course one might be justified to make such a claim in the defense of this company, but truth be told, things are not working out well and much needs to be done in terms of directing hard work and proper management.

A lot of top analysts have tried to run to the defense of this trusted company, each of them bringing forward his/her own explanation. Quite a large fraction is of the opinion that the stiff competition the company has been experiencing in the cloud space as well as in the PC market could be playing a significant role towards the decline and sudden underperformance of the company’s shares.

There is cause for alarm especially considering the recent launch of the mobile app that targeted youths. But let us be honest, there is no way a crumbling company could have been saved only by the launch of one single innovative action.

A lot of speculation continues especially with a lot of people asking themselves what is to become of this high end provider. According to a number of the companies’ insiders, there is still some hope for the company for the remaining section of 2017 where the stock is expected to rebound and of course that might be sparked by the company’s initiatives in the “mobile first, cloud first” space.

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