Meta Platforms Inc (NASDAQ: FB) Stock Drops by 25%

Social media companies such as Meta Platform Inc (NASDAQ: FB)  have dominated the 21st century. Meta has seen a lot of success through Facebook and Instagram. While many other platforms have become famous, competing companies have not recorded the same success.

Facebook has received criticisms for its policies 

However, companies such as Facebook have received a lot of criticism for some of their policies over the years. For example, Facebook faced controversy for its refusal to police disinformation and the relentless data mining, which placed the company in trouble.

Recently, the market forces began punishing the platform for its business practices, especially the exploitation of consumers’ personal information. The platform’s parent company, Meta’s stock dropped by 27% during the announcement of its quarterly earnings

The drop in earnings followed an announcement by Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) to protect consumers’ personal information that could cost the platform at least $10 billion annually.

Facebook loses stocks after users login declines. 

Due to Apple’s alterations to its privacy rules, the platform’s stock dropped, and its bottom line is not good.  While reporting its Q4 earnings, the company revealed at least $10 billion from its earnings. However, other platforms are fairing well with the regulations, such as Pinterest.

The company also revealed that it recently lost several consumers due to TikTok’s boom, causing it to report a decline of login by 500,000. This activity took place in the last months of 2021. In an attempt to revive the loss, Facebook announced alterations to its features to keep up with TikTok.

However, the alterations by Facebook failed as the competing platform is still making headway due to the evolving taste of consumers.

The increase in completion from the latter company changes Meta’s future in the social media platform. However, the company’s Q4 findings reveal that Meta has lost at least $20 billion over the previous years, and the projects it planned are losing money.

A Californian court decided to free Facebook’s chief executive officer following the controversy that accrued due to the allegations that the company discussed selling photographs of people in bikinis on the site.

Various musicians are collaborating to remove their craft from Spotify following Neil Young’s accused Joe Rogan of issuing incorrect information about the COVID-19 Vaccines on his podcast.

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