Boston, MA 10/07/2014 – According to reports, MeetMe Inc (NASDAQ:MEET) has come up with a few improvements and new design for its mobile app. It is a leading company when it comes to social discovery. Redesigning of application is a part of its marketing and servicing strategy. As of now, the new improvements have been made available to limited customers, but all MEET users will be able to use them by the end of the month.

Management Call:

According to Geoff Cook, CEO of MeetMe Inc (NASDAQ:MEET), the market has become very competitive, and one has to keep moving forward in order to survive and grow. The changes that MEET introduced earlier this year have brought a good amount of traffic, which has motivated the company further to introduce more attractive and user-friendly features. Average mobile DAU for 3Q2014 is 888,000, which is 6% higher than 2Q2014 and 15% higher than 1Q2014.

In terms of operational efficiency and user interaction, September was the best month of  the year. Approximately 15.7 million chats across all the geographical locations were recorded on a daily basis. Three months back, company announced that its average chat on a daily basis were 15 million. At present its chat numbers on a daily basis are higher than the average chats it announced three months back.

With the introduction of new designs and improvements in the app, it expects the average daily chats to grow higher. Management of MeetMe Inc (NASDAQ:MEET) expects that it would further enhance the experience of users and help the company to grow its service level. As per the information, iOS users have been offered a new design initially, but soon the updates will be made available for android users as well. Currently, ad impressions and screen views have increased tremendously, and MEET is anticipating consistent growth once the app improvements are available for everyone.