MasterCard Inc. (NYSE:MA) Sets New Requirements For Banks Supporting Payment Processing For Adult Content Sellers

MasterCard Inc. (NYSE:MA) has announced an update for the requirements set for banks processing sellers’ payment for adult content. The move comes following the crackdown on Pornhub’s unlawful content, and now banks will be required to certify that adult content sites have necessary controls in place.

MasterCard sets requirements for adult content sellers

According to the payment processing company, the banks should ensure that adult content sellers have “clear, documented, and unambiguous consent” for the content they sell. The payments network also indicated that companies will be required to ensure that sites document the age and verify the identity of all individuals depicted in videos and pictures and those uploading the content.

John Verdeschi, MasterCard’s SVP customer performance and engagement, said that banks connecting merchants to the MasterCard network should certify that adult content sellers have implemented effective controls to block, monitor and in some instances take down illegal content.

Similarly, MasterCard has indicated that banks should ensure websites have a review process before publishing any content. Also, the sites should have a complaints logging system that addresses non-consensual and illegal activity within a week. Further, MasterCard has mandated banks to ensure that the sellers of adult content have an appeal process that will allow individuals depicted in adult photos or videos to request that the videos or photos be brought down.

Pornhub accused of distributing child porn

In December, Mastercard had indicated that it will not allow the use of its cards on Pornhub sites following allegations that the site contained unlawful content, including child pornography, revenge porn, and sexual abuse videos. MasterCard and Visa Inc. (NYSE:V) started looking into Pornhub following a New York Times article claiming that the site was distributing non-consensual violence and child abuse videos.

Verdeschi said that in the recent past ability to upload content inline is easier than ever. He said all one needs is a smartphone and internet connection, but MasterCard has requirements that seek to address risks associated with this. MasterCard prohibits its merchants from unlawful activity on its network.

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