MasterCard Inc (NYSE: MA) Unveils First Music Album Featuring Its Brand Music

MasterCard Inc (NYSE: MA) launched its maiden Priceless music album at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity. Ten songs by ten different international musicians are included in the collection, first made accessible on Spotify and later debut on other streaming services. The distinctive melody of the Mastercard trademark sound is featured in each track.

The album features the work of ten artists 

Interestingly, Mastercard has partnered with renowned composer Timbaland’s Beatclub music maker platform to strengthen its dedication to music lovers and up-and-coming artists. Timbaland guided Young Beatclub musicians as they reworked two notable songs that were originally written for the Mastercard album.

The company’s chief marketing and communications officer Raja Rajamannar said, “Our first-ever music album featuring the inspiring, original work of 10 rising artists takes our innovative sonic branding approach to an even higher, unmatched level. From Algeria to Australia and Slovenia to Sweden, each of the artists integrated our melody into their songs and created something that we are all truly proud of!”

Mastercard will pay for and give a year’s worth of subscriptions to the Beatclub site to hundreds of aspiring artists from underserved communities as part of the Beatclub partnership.

Timbaland stated that this relationship made perfect sense given that Beatclub and MasterCard both want to help artists and the sector. We are advancing up-and-coming artists through the combined influence of music and mentoring. By giving creative the platforms, resources, and contacts they need to follow their passions, we create doors for numerous artists to enter a frequently inaccessible field.

Mastercard partnered with Niclas Molinder to identify the musician 

As a key component of the album’s profile, Mastercard collaborated with executive director Niclas Molinder to locate musicians representing many nations, languages, and genres. Each musician was required to use the brand’s music in their song, showcasing the creative ways audio branding could be applied.

The full album is expected to feature tracks from artists including Nadine Randle (the United Kingdom/Sweden), Michael Rice (United Kingdom), Good Harvest (Sweden), Amaya (Slovenia), Shiraz (Lebanon), Raees (Algeria), Tejas (India), Tania (Australia), Elle B. (USA) and Alma Lake (Colombia/USA).

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