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As the technology sector is increasing rapidly the increase in the number of cybercrime is also increasing, it will provide an enormous tailwind for Marketing Worldwide Corporation, (OTC: MWWC).

Government organizations and corporations are obviously acutely aware of this and will therefore be spending large amounts of money to secure networks and troves of data. The U.S. is one of the countries most vulnerable to cybercrimes.

U.S. banks are preparing for retaliatory cyber attacks after western nations slapped a raft of stringent sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine, cyber experts  and executives said. 
Cyberattacks on businesses and government agencies have increased following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the risk of spillover cyberattacks against non-primary targets becoming much more widespread. 
a massive jump in demand for cybersecurity experts. According to recent data by, there were approximately 500,000 open jobs related to cybersecurity, between April 2020 and March 2021.
‘Extremely Destructive’ Russian Cyberattacks Could Cost U.S. Billions Of Dollars In Economic Damage, Goldman Warns


The cybersecurity industry has been all over the headlines this year. The growing demand for cyberdefense services across almost all industries and a massive shortage of cybersecurity specialists ensures the cybersecurity market’s growth for the foreseeable future.

The easiest way to get investment exposure to Metaverse is to purchase stock in a company with interest/assets in the CyberSecurity Industry: Marketing Worldwide Corp. (MWWC)

Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC: MWWC) is a technology acquisition incubator with the sole purpose of bringing concepts to revenue utilizing the expertise and financial backing of seasoned strategic owners.

After MWWC has completed the acquisition of Application Security and partnership with Global Digital Forensics, Inc., the company released its Data Breach Response Toolkit (‘DBRT’) via the ‘ARC’ Network and through its Partnership with Global Digital Forensics ‘GDF’.

Application Security Company (“AS”) is a Cyber Security Company used by over 800,000 customers, and boasts its patent pending technology that allows real time response to cyber threats and data breaches.

Global Digital Forensics, Inc (“GDF”) is a computer forensics and data protection company that offers a wide array of services throughout the Cyber Security sector. Currently, ‘GDF’ has over 40,000 subscribers utilizing the platform, and offers a variety of products and unique solutions to countless clients; which include many Fortune 500 companies.

Marketing Worldwide expects to integrate the ‘AS’ products suite and ‘GDF’ services into the #Minosis family, providing layers of security and protection to the ‘MWWC’ user base as well as significant revenue growth. This will be a first-of-its-kind implementation where Cyber Forensics, E-Discovery and Breach Response Protocol meet with the #Cryptocurrency industry, in what the Company hopes will pioneer the way to becoming a dynamic Crypto Forensics and Crypto ‘DBR’ Protocol (Data Breach).

Advanced Risk Control ‘ARC’:

The ‘ARC’ platform branded within the #MINOSIS $MNS family, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Marketing Worldwide has launched its new website introducing the new ‘DBRT’ product at

The ‘DBRT’ utility focuses on four major categories:

– Critical Infrastructure (XDR, SCADA, IC Networks)
– Block Chain (NFT, DeFi and Smart Contracts)
– Industrial Controls (PLCs, SCADA Networks)
– Transportation and Internet of Things (IOT)
‘DBRT’ software contains patent pending source code, which uses capture sensors aligned with Artificial Intelligence (AI) similar to an anti-virus program that has adaptive capabilities working behind the scenes to detect, compartmentalize, and contain security threats in real time; as well as, identifying over 50,000 known and unknown behaviors mapped through a #cyber-security kill chain.

‘ARC’ maintains a Virtual SOC infrastructure, where analysts monitor client networks using the ‘DBRT’, and is currently available in the USA, Europe and Australia through its international partnerships within the ‘GDF’ and #MINOSIS teams. By minimizing the SOC time, ‘ARC’ has been able to recruit some of the top Incident Responders “Threat Hunters”, and maintain regulatory compliance in the countries of operation.

We are stepping into new territory here by releasing a first-of-its-kind product that will surely be a useful tool in real-time cyber security. ‘DBRT’ provides the company with a significant additional source of revenue. This product ties in nicely with the #Minosis family and the #cryptocurrency industry, which precedes the full global launch of the Minosis platform very soon.” stated Jason Schlenk $MWWC CEO.

Amid negative feedback from its shareholders, Marketing Worldwide has decided to cancel the planned forward split and expand its stock buy-back program in order to reward its Shareholders.

As previously announced, a unique buy-back feature attached to the $MNS token will allow the Company to purchase MWWC stock in the open market and return it to the Company treasury. In an aggressive effort to further build and strengthen Marketing Worldwide stock, the Company has decided to explore #NaaS (Nodes As A Service) and invest in multiple platforms; such as, #PowerNode ( and #ThorNodes ( which could provide a significant passive income each month. This would allow MWWC an opportunity to add tremendous value to the buy-back pool in a short period of time.

Share Structure

Market Cap 11,318,279 03/25/2022

Authorized Shares 4,500,000,000 03/09/2022

Outstanding Shares 3,328,905,549 03/09/2022

Restricted 1,050,215,057 03/09/2022

Unrestricted 2,278,690,492 03/09/2022

Company Highlights

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Launches Its “Data Breach Response Toolkit” (DBRT) Via Advanced Risk Controls (ARC) Press Release | 03/16/2022

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Acquires Application Security Company and Partners with Global Digital Forensics, Inc. to Earn a Stake in the Multi-Billion Dollar Cyber Security Industry Press Release | 03/09/2022

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Cancels Forward Split to Focus on Expanding Stock Buy Back Programs Press Release | 03/03/2022

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Completes NEW Strategic Partnership with DOXed, LLC Press Release | 03/01/2022

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Deploys $MNS Token on Testnet Press Release | 02/14/2022

Marketing Worldwide Corporation Expands Minosis (Beta v2.0), Achieves [D.A.C.M.P.] Patent Pending Status, and Acquires ASIC Crypto-Miners. Press Release | 11/17/2021

Marketing WorldWide Corporation Launches 3-part Plan to Expand Near-Term Operations Press Release | 11/03/2021

Stock infos

52WK RANGE 0.0003 – 0.0212 AVERAGE VOL (30D) 28,196,815


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