Marjorie Taylor Greene defends heckling Biden during SOTU: ‘I was honored to call him the liar that he is’

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., interrupted President Biden’s second State of the Union address to shout “liar” after he said Republicans wanted to cut Medicare and Social Security. 

Other Republicans also jeered at Biden when he said the fentanyl crisis was killing more than 70,000 Americans a year. “It’s your fault,” one lawmaker is heard yelling. 

Greene responded to the incident Wednesday on “Hannity,” saying she wasn’t going to let the president “come into the people’s House and try to lie to the American people about the economy [and] the border.” 

“When he continued to lie, accusing Republicans of preparing to cut Social Security and Medicare, we couldn’t take it. So I, along with my colleagues, were calling him out,” she explained. 

“The reason why I did that is because they have used my image and my name as leading the effort in that when we have not had not one single meeting in the GOP conference talking about cutting Social Security and Medicare. Joe Biden is a liar. I represent the American people and I was honored to be able to call him the liar that he is in the people’s house and not allow him to get away with it.”


House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has previously said Social Security and Medicare are off the negotiating table. He also suggested Biden knew his claim was false but made it as a “political ploy” to whip up support for the Democratic Party. 

Greene also responded to criticism from the hosts of ‘The View’ after they mocked her for wearing a white puffy coat.

“You know, occasionally, I get yelled at by old white women. And I always know that they watch ‘The View’ because those are some nasty women on that show and they have no right to insult anyone’s fashion,” she told host Sean Hannity.

“I was wearing a wool coat, actually, and it’s one of my favorite coats because I got it in Wyoming when I was campaigning against and raising money to beat Liz Cheney. And I was happy to wear it to the State of the Union last night because it simply went with my dress. So, you know, I’ll challenge the women on ‘The View’ anytime for a debate because they represent the worst part of America, the worst views. And to be honest with you, no one in my district cares what they think.” 

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