Marian Croak Will Head The AI Research Team At Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL)’s Google reshuffled its team engaged in AI research. The black woman, Marian Croak, the Vice President, will head the new center that focuses on AI research at Google. It is on the backdrop of the exit of Timnit Gebru, a black researcher who engages in Artificial Intelligence research at Google, in December 2020.

Croak worked for 6 years at Google as Vice President. She engaged in a wide range of projects that comprise the introduction of Public WiFi on Indian railroads. Croak also worked in the patents for technologies like Voice over IP besides contributing other tech experience. Following the elevation, Croak will report to Jeff Dean, who heads AI teams that focus on fairness, AI ethics, and accessibility. She will study the AI systems deployed, understand and fill the gaps

Jeff Dean apologizes to Gebru

Jeff Dean, the lead of AI and Research teams, apologized to Gebru in an email indirectly on her exit. He said the situation should have been handled with more sensitivity. Some female employees are hurt by the behavior of Google towards Gebru. The performance evaluations at Google will now be based partly on equity, diversity, and achievement of targets. Google will also double the human resources staff to improve employee retention. Other companies that included diversity in performance evaluation are Microsoft and McDonald’s.

The changes at Google are the result of turmoil following the departure of Gebru. Google removed her because she refused to take back a research paper, which is critical of its key technology. The colleagues at Google are outraged at the way how the company handled the matter causing the exit of the co-head of ethical AI.

Google removes Margaret Mitchell 

Margaret Mitchell is the second scientist to leave Google for violating security policies and code of conduct. She allegedly moved electronic files outside of the company. Margaret is one of the employees who called for diversity.

Zoubin Ghahramani, research director engaged in AI, and an attorney told the team of Margaret of her dismissal in a meeting called at a short notice on Friday. It is on the backdrop of disciplinary action recommended by a review committee and investigators. According to the investigations, she violated by moving the confidential information and private data of some employees at Google.

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