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MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) And One Drop To Strike A Collaboration To Help Diabetes Patients

MannKind Corporation (NASDAQ:MNKD) made an announcement about its collaboration with One drop revealing that they were going to engage in a randomized controlled trial. This will be in a bid to investigate the use of Afrezza inhaled insulin. One Drop’s integrated digital diabetes care platform will also be scrutinized further in an effort to identify the best ways to improve it.

As a matter of fact, One Drop is a unique, fully integrated solution and comes with a wide array of health benefits. The combination of One Drop with inhaled insulin will give health care providers, consumers and payers a remarkable solution with unprecedented benefits. One Drop is also widely known by the name Informed Data Systems, Inc. For many years it has leveraged the power of mobile computing and data science to spark great transformation among the various people struggling with Diabetes.

The past six months were full of struggle and that led to the company’s share price moving below $1.Analysts have outlined that the stock price of the provider needs to by all means rise above $1 for at least 10 consecutive days. Failure to do this would eventually result in the delisting of MannKind, an occurrence that would be rather unfortunate for those that have invested in it.

Matthew Pfeffer, who happens to be the MannKind CEO opines, “One thing I can say for certain is we cannot and we will not allow the company to be delisted.”

It goes without saying that the company’s management will be doing everything humanly possible to see to it that that company isn’t delisted. In order to achieve its goal, it might need to consider doing a reverse stock split.

Reverse stock splits are associated with a bad reputation. If indeed MannKind is serious about doing the reverse stock, then it will be doing it from a position of immense strength. The step the provider has made distinguishes it from the rest of the companies that go through reverse stock splits without necessarily having to alter their business approach.

Michael Castagna, the company’s chief commercial officer has said that the company has a strategy in place that will see it shift to a totally in-house sales force.

Published by Nicholas Maithya

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