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Majic Wheels Corp (OTCMKTS:MJWL) Braces for a Potential Squeeze

Majic Wheels Corp (OTCMKTS:MJWL) has been a bearish encampment for the past month, with shorts piling in at a ravenous pace.

However, the company’s website just shifted to show a banner noting, “New Company Launching Soon”.

We generally take something like that at face value. Hence, we would assume a company that has recently returned to current status and put a notice like that on its official website could be looking at a major series of catalysts on the way.


The Squeeze Potential

The data shows that MJWL is a heavily shorted stock, which is an important dynamic that should be relevant for shareholders.

Specifically, MJWL, which is now in transition, apparently, as a company, has been shorted massively, with over 344 million shares transacted as a part of short-side transactions (out of about 506 million shares involved in total transactions) over the past month of market action.

That’s over 68% of total transactions over that time.

In addition, 17 of the past 19 market sessions have seen more than 50% of all transactions occur as the result of shorts making a play on the stock.

Shorts have greater vulnerability than longs due to their inherent greater risk in terms of contrary movement, given that longs have only to worry about a move to $0/share while shorts must contend with infinite potential losses.

That skewing of outcome distributions feeds back to inform the game theory landscape that defines all decisions in such situations. In the case of MJWL, we could be lining up a squeeze.


New Realities

Majic Wheels Corp (OTCMKTS:MJWL) most recently announced that it has new management and intends to file with the OTC Markets to become OTC Pink Current.

Since its last filings, the Company has not provided substantial information to its shareholders. This is because there has not been a change in material events. Denise S. Houghtaling has resigned from her duties as the CEO and Sole Director of the Company. The Company is now under the new control and management.

The Company recognizes its profile will need to be updated with OTC Markets. The Company plans to apply for OTCIQ ACCESS to update profile and upload the required financial and disclosure statements to achieve Pink Current Status.

The Transfer Agent is Transfer Online, Inc. and there are no gag order instructions currently in place. The float and verified numbers will be streamed to OTC Markets profile page.

Please look to the company’s profile page on OTC markets for any information regarding the Company and or Official Press directed from the Company.

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