LYFT Inc’s (NASDAQ: LYFT) Former CEO is Now the CFO For OpenSea

LYFT Inc’s (NASDAQ: LYFT) former CEO, Brian Roberts, is not the CFO of OpenSea, the most prominent Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Roberts states that he hasn’t felt excited about anything since eBay launched. While Lyft saw a lot of growth under his leadership, Roberts believes it is time for him to try his hand in a different space.

Roberts will be joining the cryptocurrency industry for the first time. Despite this, he has plans to make OpenSea public. Robert is excited to help shape the future of NFTs.

The news from OpenSea follows a controversial year after it was accused of insider trading. This accusation led to Nate Chase, the product head, resigning. Despite this, the company has still faced tremendous growth.

The TI30 camera is ideal for ride-share vehicles

OpenSea was the first NFT marketplace to reach a monthly volume of $1 billion in sales.

VIOFO has launched a three-channel dash camera for Lyft Uber and other TNC car-share drivers. The TI30 camera has its front and internal lens on the body, simplifying the installation process for everyday users. Moreover, the primary camera will go behind the rear-view mirror, enabling drivers to stick to car regulations while reducing distractions.

Furthermore, the camera uses an Omnivision Nyxel Interior Image Sensor in darkness. The feature is four times better than its competitors in the market. It allows the TI30 to get sharp images without high IR illumination, damaging recordings.

The pandemic has affected the growth of the ride-sharing market 

The global ride-sharing market has seen significant growth between 2015-2020. Experts believe that this growth will increase by 16% between 2022-2026.

The increasing popularity of car sharing is due to concern over greenhouse gas emissions and novel mobility services. Many governments are now trying to curb emissions by discouraging people from buying private cars. For this reason, car-sharing seems like the most convenient solution.

Despite ride-sharing gaining popularity, the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the market. Fortunately, companies believe that growth will continue as things return to normalcy.

Ridesharing companies like Lyft already see improvements are ride volumes increase steadily. Analysts expect its revenue to rise by 63%-65% in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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