Lucy Hale explains her dating ‘nonnegotiables,’ why she often prefers older men

Lucy Hale said recently that she often prefers to date older men.

The “Pretty Little Liars” star, 33, noted that she hasn’t been in a “committed relationship” in “years” but says she has several “nonnegotiables” for a potential partner. 

She admitted to Rachel Bilson on her “Broad Ideas” podcast on Jan. 2 that “some people might call [her] way too picky, but I’m just like, ‘I have these standards and I refuse to believe that that’s not out there.’”

Hale said she’s dated men as old as 52. “I’m 33, and I feel like I’ll probably end up with someone around my age or older just because of those nonnegotiables. I feel like people in that older age bracket will meet those.”


Her “nonnegotiables” include someone who’s self-aware about their strengths and weaknesses, spiritually evolved and has a sense of humor most especially.

The “Hating Game” actress recently joined the exclusive dating and networking app Raya and said her dating profile says she’s looking for men between 27 and 50 years old.

She said the oldest man she dated was a “young 52” and there was no “bulls—.”

Hale was recently linked to actor Skeet Ulrich, 52.


Although she’s open-minded about dating, she said she always falls back on the “self-respect and self-worth that I didn’t have earlier in my life. I’m open-minded, but I know what I’m looking for.”

She added, “I think so many people settle … I’ll die alone before I settle,” adding she knows that sounds “dramatic.”

She added that she thinks “dating is boring” to her because she hates small talk.

“I’ve been single for so long because I’m like, ‘Oh, well they don’t have this,’ and I just have to be really patient.”

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