Litecoin Gets Boost From Major Cryptocurrency Platforms Despite Disappointing Demise Of LitePay

Litecoin has received a great support from the major cryptocurrency platforms despite facing the disappointing demise of its product LitePay just recently. The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency has now teamed up with TenX, a well-known wallet platform as well as with Korbit, the second biggest exchange of South Korea.

Litecoin Foundation was created in 2011 by Charlie Lee as a transaction-friendly cryptocurrency and if the cryptomarket considers Bitcoin as gold in the virtual world, Litecoin is supposed to be the silver.

It can be said that the timely support by the biggest names in the cryptocurrency market has saved the deteriorating condition of Litecoin Foundation which was eagerly waiting for such support after the company had to cease the operations of LitePay. The company did not make any announcement regarding its launch on TenX and it was mainly because the leading wallet did not want any pressure to affect the working of its systems while the finalized live testing was being conducted little over a week.

According to Dr. Julian Hosp, Co-Founder & President of TenX, the wallet will forward this process of integrating new coins in its working to ensure stability as well as wide availability. TenX Mobile Wallet through which the TenX payment system operates is available on Android and iOS and users can fund it with different virtual currencies as well as TenX debit card acceptable in more than 200 countries both online and offline.

Litecoin will also receive a card service from TenX. The co-branded card is one of the features that the Litecoin Foundation had promised for its LitePay product and could not develop. The details about the co-branded card will be revealed soon with TenX hoping to become the primary most preferred payment platform for the owners and fans of Litecoin.

Litecoin’s Uptrend Coincides With Support Call From Korbit

The South Korean cryptocurrency exchange’s support call seems to be timed just right as Litecoin is showing a slight uptrend with its value currently trading at $140.36 after hitting low in the first half of April this year. This association is a sort of achievement for Litecoin as its founder Charlie Lee went on to announce on Twitter that he had tried to get Korbit’s support for his cryptocurrency years ago.

Finally, it seems it’s time for celebration for Litecoin.

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