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Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LQMT) Is A Company Full Of Surprises

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc

Liquidmetal Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:LQMT) recently closed 250% year to date and at present, it is trading in the market for just a little less than $200 million. This one has been a company that hasn’t failed to surprise as of now. The gains here have rooted from a buzz around integration of the lead technology with some big devices of brands that can be banked upon (for example, Apple Macbook and iPhone).

However, there has been no confirmation from anyone around. Albeit there is no product to be launched in pipeline and nothing at all to demonstrate, it is quite strange that Liquidmetal Technologies Inc has been running continuously, thank to the rumours mill that is working for it.

What is driving company’s gains?

There is a vicious circle here. Everyone “thinks” through that opaque door of possibility that Liquidmetal Technologies Inc is perhaps working with Macbook or iPhone and there could be so much to follow. This is leading to the gained strength of the company. Other are, in turn, following this circle of gained strength, hoping that there might be some product launch in place. The speculated volume starts following in, and thus the circle keeps moving.

This company has a history of popping in any time. So, this cannot be an entirely risk-free strategy. But, what lays ahead for this company or it believers?

What is the long term future of Liquidmetal Technologies Inc?

There is a tunnel with a flickering light, but right now this tunnel is just dark and everyone seems to be moving in hope of this flickering light. First of all, there is no iPhone in question here because management has already cleared in a recent announcement that the contract from Apple isn’t up for renewal.

The growth of this company is then, expected from capitalization. The company has also issued 300 million shares at an average price of $55 million. So, notably this can be called a capitalized company. The need for some announcement cannot be ruled out, whatsoever.

Published by Neha Gupta

Swati has worked in diverse capacities from financial research to currency trading in a span of 3 years.

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